ZJ Wah Wa attacked outside Nightclub

A ZIP FM disc jockey was attacked and injured by men accused of being members of deejay Aidonia’s entourage on Friday night, THE STAR has learnt.

The incident reportedly happened outside the popular nightclub The Quad in New Kingston.

Information reaching THE STAR is that ZJ Wah Wa had to receive medical assistance following the onslaught.

According to one witness, members of the deejay’s entourage approached the ZIP FM disc jockey shortly after he finished his set inside the club. After exchanging heated words, Wah Wa was seen leaving the DJ booth and, soon after the entourage followed.

The witness recounted that the ZJ was seen going towards his car at the club’s VIP parking lot, however, the car was purposely blocked in by another car.

“Di man dem block up di driveway and sey ‘weh yuh a go, yuh a nuh bad man’,” the witness recalled.


THE STAR understands that as the ZJ entered his vehicle he was attacked by two members of the deejay’s entourage and beaten in his head with a bottle. THE STAR further understands that two passers-by saw what was happening and came to Wah Wa’s assistance allowing him to escape back into the club.

The witness added, “One of di man shout out ‘a shot yuh fi get shot.” Allegations are that Aidonia was present during the encounter.

All efforts to get a comment from ZJ Wah Wa were unsuccessful.

When checks were made with his management team THE STAR was informed that the incident had in fact taken place and that Wah Wa was taken to the Andrew’s Memorial Hospital where he received 12 stitches to the head.

no comment

According to Wah Wah’s manager, the ZJ did not want to give a comment on the matter at this time. He, however, disclosed that they were currently in talks with Aidonia to come up with an “amicable agreement” to the situation.

When contacted, Aidonia’s road manager ‘Lav’ denied that the deejay and his entourage had any involvement in the incident.

“We don’t know anything about that nor have we heard anything about that,” he said.

Despite this, the Half-Way Tree Police Station confirmed yesterday that a report had been made about the incident.

Just recently, it was reported in THE STAR that a member of the deejay’s entourage could be implicated in the stabbing of a man at Club Amnesia in Ocho Rios, St Ann. The man was reportedly stabbed during Aidonia’s performance at the club.

  1. me as a dj them things ya just make man fraid fi play music bra.. cause look at this the dj coulda lose him life eno… sigh.. over fuckrey.. a bet a some shit to do with him na play donia music or somthing… like we have to go start go dance with we body gaurd or we licence fire arm..cause me rather take a bwii life more than him laugh and tek mine,, big up u self wa wa hope u good boss

  2. this is just sad!! people wanna go to the club and enjoy themselves DESPITE whose music playing!! ya’ll need to stop this foolishness….supposed one a the attackers had a gun, Wah Wa woulda lose him life….

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