YouTube deletes DeMarco’s video?

Weeks after dancehall singjay DeMarco passed the 20 million mark on for his single ‘Love My Life’, the site has deleted both versions of the upload claiming that the site received complaints from users. However, Demarco’s management believes it was an attack on the artiste’s music.

According to the manager, Karl Palmer, while there are haters, he did not know that people had the power to remove songs.

“The publicist called and said the songs were gone and we don’t understand why. I mean, I know that people will be negative but I did not know they have the power to remove songs,” he said

“We want to restore them, and we intend to contact YouTube. One profile had 10 million views and the other had 14 million views and both were deleted so it looks personal,” he said.

musical progress

The manager said Demarco’s views were legit, and expressed that efforts made by detractors to hamper his musical progress will not be successful.

“Dat cyaah stop wi. A nuh from YouTube wi eat food. But YouTube is still good help so we will do our best to fix it … Demarco’s talent cannot be denied and the world has spoken, plus we have nuff more songs like I love My life in store,” he said.

Richard Walsh of Vap Buss Music, who was responsible for the upload, said he did not violate any terms outlined by the site.

“The thing was wrongfully taken down, I don’t upload nudity and I don’t upload international artiste so I didn’t breach their copyright code … It’s just some people a fight di movement and flag the profile,” he said.

According Walsh, the message he received said that YouTube got numerous complaints by viewers that the material uploaded by his page was offensive.

“Them sey some people complain sey mi break rules … But I think the haters dem just out to get the page since we get 14 million views and get featured in THE WEEKEND STAR. Nuff a dem have more subscribers than mi and don’t have 14 million views suh mi feel like a dat bun dem,” he said.

Walsh says that YouTubers don’t have much protection or defence against being flagged by viewers, so any unscrupulous person can flag the material.

“I hope to speak to DeMarco’s team, so that we can approach YouTube and get it fixed because I think it was a personal attack,” he said.

He also had stern words for YouTubers who flag other profiles.

“It’s not an attack on me. You should just love music because you can’t stop me by flagging my page, I will always start over, some a dem feel like true dem a upload song dem a star but dem fi know sey a di artiste a di star,” he said.

Walsh says that Vap Buss Music will embark on a record label called Ordaz Hill entertainment in the near future and there is already a new YouTube account.

Meanwhile, the message Walsh received from YouTube reads.

“This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content.”

Check out another version below:


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