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Nonstop studio hours is surely paying off for one notable group of dancehall/reggae experts; Young Veterans Productions has stamped its logo on countless numbers of tracks over the past couple of years, with 2010 being the dominant while getting much competition from the present year. Jamaica’s music industry is definitely making use of the ”technology age” as more of our media is available via the Internet on almost any device. This certainly applies to this coterie of musicians/producers as their second consecutive album is set to be released on May 24th 2011.

The compilation album titled “Rahtid 2 Rahtid” comes after the publication of one of their recent works Balance by Opal which got both local and international recognition. The collection partially bares the name of its predecessor- “Rahtid” (a catchy, Jamaican Creole term used for exclamation) which was released last year this time and served as a preview of the extent of quality productions that is scheduled to blossom from the Young Veterans camp. This most recent project features a number of established entertainers such as the legendary Sugar Minott, Gyptian, Konshens, Bugle, Sizzla and Capleton.

Listeners can get ready to hear a balanced mixture of dancehall and reggae songs as there is a perfect blend of cultural, hardcore and lovers rock tracks; this equilibrium gives people a choice to listen to the best of both genres therefore, targeting various generations of people.

With the cover artwork done by Cavel Campbell the 19-tracked digital album will be available on iTunes as well as other online digital media stores.

Available on iTunes

Track Listing
Wish I Could Live — Dre Island
My Meditation — Capleton
Original Yard — Konshens
On Top Of The World — Al Third
Devil Pickney — Sugar Minot Feat Teflon
Get Mad Now — Young Veterans Feat Maverick & Hotta Ball
Love Won’t Leave Me Alone — Mystikal Revolution Band
Different Strokes — Gyptian
Why You Wish Bad — Bugle
Swag Responsibly — Perfect
How You So Rude — Patexx
Them Cah Stop We — Sizzla
Cant Forget — Jah Mason
When Will Girl — Hyah Slice
My Baby — Fyakin
Straight From The Heart — Osheen Pearce

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