Young Thug – Memo Lyrics

(Pre Chorus)
I’ma pull up on a ni**a bi**h in my bi**h whip
I got twenty chains on me, they gon chip just like some dip

Ni**a know they get the memo
They get that, boy
Stack them racks, they know the memo
Stacking, stacking
Ni**a stop playing, you know the memo
Yeah look at what she saying, she know the memo
Yeah she know the memo

Check my swag, check my bag, filled with cash, ni**a
Hundred bands in my pants, check the stash, ni**a
Yeah she bad, run that back, throw some racks, aye
Break her heart, write your name, I got cash, yeah

(Verse 1)
Prince of condo, bale, this not no grass, no
Take it out to Cali, beat that ass, woah
If you cut my jewels, I’ma pull up and shoot
And I, I do my shopping, I’m bearing a tool
You just pull up, I’m not f**king, I’ma still show what it do
Ride around with Ugly Duckling, we just put two something on a Bu
That’s a Bugatti
Man I’m so high I think I just seen a UFO with them troops
Bi**hes see us and smile like what it do

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I don’t play on auto, but I’m moonwalking
I know who gong catch a body, I know who rocking
When I die I want a hundred bands inside of my casket
I drink Act, I smoke that gas, I smoke that loud, sirens
Yeah, yeah! I take molly with the YSL, memo, slat!
I supply em with the bricks and bales, memo
I’m getting money, ni**a, can’t you tell?
Hell yeah!
Know they simple like a handcuff no jail ni**a, memo
I’m so fresh they want a pic
Pull up on em s**kers kicking s**t, ain’t with the sh**s
I thought you were rich but you so broke, I don’t know s**t
My big brother Bankroll told me I’m gon be the s**t

(Repeat Chorus & Refrain)

Yeah they know the memo


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