Yesterday To Get 'Iced'

Kingston, Jamaica – GLK’s Yesterday Best of the 90s isn’t only about the superb free drink mixes they’ve promised, but it’s also about the great music, which will be provided by some of Kingston’s hottest disc jocks: among them is ZJ Ice.

“The event has a lot of great themes surrounding it. For one, it’s a school uniform theme party and when you enter all the drink are on the house. Those two things alone are a great way to spend the Saturday night. Then to top things off we are gonna be having some of the maddest mixing. It’s all about nuff vibes and I wanna see the ladies sweat and later on cool down with some ice, from the drinks ofcourse,” said Ice laughing.


The promoters of the event, which will be staged this Saturday night at the Mas Camp, New Kingston, will give a computer to the high school most represented at the oldies party.

Also on ZJ Ice’s lineup this weekend is Appleton May Daze, which will be staged at the Ranny Williams Centre on Friday night. ZJ Ice, whose correct name is Jason Carr said, “If people want to kick-start the weekend wid crazy vibes, that’s one of the first places to be and party with myself and the other May Daze selectors and patrons.”

Source: Blueprint Publicity & Promotions

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