Yendi Ignores Rumours

After being hit by two rumours in one week, former Miss Jamaica World and Miss Universe runner-up 2010, Yendi Phillipps says she is not fazed by them.

Earlier this week, a website claimed that she had a ‘secret affair’ with dancer-dancehall artiste Ding Dong. And if that wasn’t enough, there was another rumour yesterday that she was in a major accident.

Random Rumour

“There’s nothing really to talk about, it’s the most up in the air random rumour,” Phillipps said of the alleged affair.

She noted that the picture that was being used to confirm the ‘affair’ was one in which she was presenting the artiste with an award at the Youth View Awards in February.

However, she said she was upset about the rumours suggesting that she was in an accident yesterday morning on Hope Road.

“There were a lot of people calling me this morning asking if I am okay. The one today upset me because people were genuinely worried,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR, noting that she had not left her home all day.

Being a public figure, Phillipps explained that people will say many things about her but she is not bothered. Nor does she believe it will affect her career in any way.

‘God is bigger’

“The rumours don’t bother me anymore cause I’ve heard it all now. When you know it’s not true, there is nothing to worry about,” Phillipps said.

“God is bigger than this and whatever is for me will be because of how I live my life. I don’t think it will ever affect my career. Rumours are just simply that. I am not fazed by them,” she said.

Meanwhile, the beauty queen said she is pleased with a number of things that have been taking place in her career. She is now the global ambassador for Air Jamaica, a Digicel brand ambassador and on the advertising campaign for KerryManWomanHome.

Currently, Phillipps says she is writing a book but could not give any details about its content. In the near future, she says she will be doing a series of motivational and grooming workshops. She also has a number of international engagements planned.

‘Rumours are just simply that. I am not fazed by them … ‘

Source: jamaica-star
Writer: Sadeke Brooks

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