Wyclef offers more help in Haiti – Also completed 'Earthquake' song for new album

One year after Haiti was devastated by a massive earthquake, the nation is still in the process of slowly trying to recover.

But for one musician, who has been working feverishly ever since the disaster struck his home country, it is never too late.

THE STAR spoke with Haitian-born hip hop artiste Wyclef Jean, who is now in Haiti for the one year anniversary of the earthquake which left Haiti in ruins, and killed thousands of his countrymen.

Wyclef Jean

Sounding very rueful, Jean said his main aim in Haiti at the moment is to promote and carry out the work of his Yele Haiti Foundation and to bring awareness to the situation, as there are 1.2 million people still living in tents, in addition to the numerous deaths caused by the cholera outbreak.


In his efforts to play his part in the reconstruction, the Yele Haiti Foundation, which was founded in 2005, has been providing assistance for Haitians in many ways, like sending children to school and providing jobs for many.

And although he has come under fire recently because of financial scandals associated with the foundation, Jean continues his humanitarian efforts.

Wyclef is also voicing his thoughts through the medium which he knows best, music. He is now working on a new album, as well as a few other singles, some of which are already released.

“We also did a very emotional piece, Earthquake. This song, when you hear it, it’ll give you like the on-the-ground feel of the tragedy,” said Jean.

“In moving forward, it’s important that the Haitians all work together. The year was definitely a challenging year, starting with the earthquake and all,” he added in reflection.

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