WTF!!!! Gay Men @ Jamaica Carnival 2013

Watch video clip with a group of gay men dancing @ the 2013 Carnival Road March in Jamaica.

  1. gunshot too good fi batty bwoy jus get a pliers and pull all 20 nails toe and hand then start pull eylash….den tie dem shit hood pon a garbage truck mek it pop and dem bleed to death….slow killin!

  2. they need to put down these type of people bcuz they clearly shows that they do not respect what jamaica stands for. they are spoiling jamaica reputation as a country with pride. in this video it clearly shows that these crazy people are not just doing what they enjoy, they are also doing it as a spite to the jamaican people especially to those who are against them. these animals needs to be put in a pen all my themselves. disgusting. i want to believe that majority of the jamaican government are homosexuals or bisexual themselves. bcuz their are little that they are doing to curve this type of curse.

  3. need a flame thrower…. and the funny thing about it is alot a people accept the one in the play and laugh when he does it and then condemn the rest like wtf? how is he any different? don't hear anybody a bunn him out and we bring our children to watch that shit. KMT! make up your mind people.

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