Working With Sizzla Kalonji Was A Childhood Dream Realized Says Top Chef Records

When reggae/dancehall legend Sizzla decided to record for Bermuda-based music producer Olando Graham of Top Chef Records he did not just record another classic he brought to life a dream. The dream was that of the producer who says the music of the extraordinary entertainer played a major part in his personal development and his decision to become a music producer.

“I grew up listening to the music of Sizzla, he literally helped to mold my moral scope and ignited my musical flame. When I started producing I said to myself I must produce Sizzla one day suh when di legend decided to give me a strength it was a tremendous honor. I was also very impressed with how easy he makes music and how professional he was in studio” Stated Olando Graham of Top Chef Records. 

The prolific entertainer born Miguel Collins is known for mega hits such as Dry Cry, Thank You Mamma, Rise To The Occasion and Simplicity. According to the producer of the track he is very easy to work with and has a never ending passion for music which made the process both fun and an honor. The track entitled, The People Cry has already made its way onto local and international mainstream radio and according to the producer the release of the accompanying music video will give the song the impetus needed to reap even more success.

“We finalizing the music video now and I am confident that when it is released it will push the song to a different level” Stated Graham.

The People Cry by Sizzla is now available on all major digital platforms.

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