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White House Studio/ Sagini Records merged in 2008 to take a next step in producing quality music in the Bahamas to make a local impact as well as leaving a mark on the international music scene.

Mark Johnson and Julio Hall aka S’Voyce have undertaken a mission to produce a new sound and bring Bahamian music to the forefront. As an artiste and producer S’Voyce has started to make a name for himself internationally and his work with Mark Johnson adds another level of opportunities to him as well as the other artistes they are working with at the new studio. Mark and Julio want to create music that stands out, incorporating also various musical genres ranging from indigenous Bahamian sounds and mixing it with mainstream pop, soul, hip hop as well as the sounds of the wider Caribbean region, predominantly reggae.

Julio was introduced to Mark when recording his single ” I Can Feel ” and the undeniable work chemistry led to a recording contract and the recording of the follow up single “Ooh Don’t Give Up” . Within a year the idea of a label company was considered and thus White House/ Sagini was born after realizing how much work they could get done as a team.

Julio has always been interested in music and ambitious to start his own business. With a two year course in law behind him and music in his blood inherited from his father Alfred Bob Hall who is a well known guitar player and music composer as well as Jamaican relative Wee-Pow, founder and owner of the world’s most famous sound system Stone Love. Julio originally established the label Sagini in February 2003. With so many years of experience behind him as a producer and artiste Julio is still excited to work with young Bahamian talent. Current projects include some of the most outstanding names in the young league of Bahamian artistes such as Alia Coley, Sosa Man, Mdeez, Geno D, Mr Lynx and Chase Fernander.

Mark and Julio want to take these young voices and play their role in making Bahamian artiste into internationally recognized and successful artistes. They want to add the Bahamas to the list of music hot spots and combat the notion of being second rate for being from a music market not recognized fully as yet. Julio and Mark think outside the box and strive to be known “as the first Bahamian music label to have created the box for others to think out of”, as Julio expresses it. The Bahamian music scene has been growing steadily over the past few years but there is still a lot of space for growth also as it pertains to the recognition and respect for the work of local producers and artistes alike, who wish to make a living of their craft. Right now the label is appreciative of the support of the Bahamian people who give them room to grown while they take the island knowledge and musical flavour of the Bahamas around the world.

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