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Wash Cook and Clean, the latest recording from newcomer Max Element is fast becoming a staple on the local airwaves. The song is the follow up to Max’s recent chart topping track Heartbreaker.

In a release to the media, Max highlighted the story behind Wash Cook and Clean. “The song is basically a follow up the story behind Heartbreaker. The message I am conveying is really that a man should be a man and be able to do certain things in the home even when there isn’t a female around. Being responsible is what the song is talking about,” Max explained.

Produced by Icon, Wash Cook and Clean is also picking up steam in the clubs. The response to the song has been positive so far.

“People are familiar with the song and to honest, the feedback has been really good. We are looking at shooting the video over the next few weeks,” said Max.

Managed by Kehlando Williams of Xray Productions, Max Element recently completed recordings for producers Troyton, Icon and Garrison Inc.

Heartbreaker, his debut single hit number one on CVM TV’s Hit List video countdown.

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