Warren Weir Apologizes for Twitter Comments

Warren Weir apologizes for “fat friend” post reportedly directed at ex-fiance

Jamaican track star Warren Weir was forced to apologize after making derogatory comments on social media reportedly directed at his ex-fiance.

Weir triggered a firestorm after two controversial posts on twitter over the weekend.

“Tell your fat friend link me for a track shoes and go workout,” he reportedly said in the first post.

He later added “Lol at you talking like you wasn’t my lil doggie who I told to jump and fetch, don’t act new when you a THOT.”

Observers blasted the Olympian for the comments, with many persons expressing disappointment while describing the athlete as childish for the attack.

Weir took to twitter to apologize on Sunday.

“The comments I made were completely unacceptable, and I make no excuse for my actions,” Weir said, adding “I unreservedly apologize for my momentary indescration, which we as human often make. My focus has always been on representing my country to the best of my abilities and I will continue to do so.”

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