Vybz Kartel Teacha’s Pet Episode 1 HD

To Whom It May Concern
Creative Directors/Owners
JahKno Entertainment Group

Please note we are the owners of the copyright and intellectual of The Reality Television Show Teacha’s Pet. As owners we manage the www.teachaspet.com.
This site is dedicated to the distribution of Teacha’s Pet and is the only authorized site to deliver this show digitally.

Let this letter serve as proof that your website was warned and notified that you are displaying illegally attained and recorded material that is property of Creative Source Productions.

Please remove the copies of our Television show that you have now have currently displayed on your website.
This is material that we are selling currently on the Internet and you have it displayed illegally for free. If these videos are not removed immediately we will have no choice but to proceed with a lawsuit seeking the damages and monies we are now losing because you have our content on your site.

This is a direct violation of copyright and intellectual property ownership.

I am asking you nicely to please remove the file. I have cc’d our lawyers and our partners in the company to this email as well.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you need to contact us you may send us an email or you may just reply all to this email.

The Owner of the intellectual Property
For Teacha’s Pet Reality TV Show Series
Creative Source Productions

  1. to The Owner of the intellectual Property
    For Teacha’s Pet Reality TV Show Series
    Creative Source Productions:

    what does it matter if they post it or not?? after all the show was canceled BY the fact of Kartel getting locked up and the seriousness of the charges.. I am not saying he is guilty because personally to me .. i think they are just using him as an example and setting him up because he is viewed as a “bad boy” .. so they want to make ppl know that he isn’t one to be used as an idol and this is what will happen if one follow he footsteps .. but that is neither here nor there .. my point is .. you are here threatening this website for what?? you dont even have the episodes on the teacha’s pet website anymore .. so ??? how you “making $$”??? get outta here .. the show isn’t going to make $$ because you all had to cancel it .. stop crying like a baby .. those of us in NYC would like to watch the show since we only have access to it online and you acting like a baby about what? $5??? u think ppl going to pay $5 an episode? are you mad or what??? you blind and don’t see its a RECESSION .. ppl are JOBLESS etc etc .. go ahead with your bawling …
    ::::passing a carton of puffs plus tissues to the person that wrote the letter bout suing jahkno for the video if it wasn’t taken down..:::: smh @ grown folks acting worse than my 6 yr old daughter ..

  2. By the way .. for your information NOT ONE SOUL going to want to pay a penny for ANY episodes of A SHOW that has been canceled and done so prior to the show’s ending .. maybe you should let the shows be free as a tribute TO Kartel .. but no I forget .. everyone in this world too stinking *and you know I actually have much worse words to say to that.. i might be from the U.S. but i can curse you in jamaican, bajan, trini, spanish, italian and russian .. * too stinking greedy to do something like that .,. smh .. check yourself before you go and say something up like the original post about sue .. stupid is as stupid does i guess because you sure didn’t think about any reprecussions on the public’s opinion prior to threatening others for sue esp on a show that was cancel before it was finish so you NOT going to make nothing and no one going to want to pay you for past episodes .. smh .. Oh and before you talk any mess .. I’m a “white” girl Caucasion if you must speaking this .,. but I speak truth .. right is right .. wrong is wrong .. that’s why most white ppl dont like me .. because i see right straight thru them .. but hmm wait .. wonder if the ones crying up above about sue are white? because that sound something ignorant like what one would say :/ .. Bless up!!

  3. Dear Vida, The show is not cancelled. I have no idea where you get your misleading info from, but you can check teachas pet official website or the FB fan page for the latest news regarding the show. Those charges are yet to be answered to in a court of law and so far, police failed to sumit a proper file to the courts…giving the DJ a new court date. Of course he is innocent and the show will go on…regards,

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