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New music from incarcerated dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel titled “Mhm Hm,” produced by Jones Ave Records.

Weh she buck up inna
Jones have thugs
And the Del la vaga top banks, top man dem
Gal a bend up inna nine and inna ten
Mhm hmm, Say me nah go get dah p#$$y deh again
Mhn hm, cah me rougher dan a man weh grabba bend
Mhn hm, as me come, so, me ready back again
Hmn, hm, peanut, hmn, Oaks, hmn blend
MHN HM, breed thirty gal,
A magnificent
Mhn hm, Kim tell Sue
Sue tell Shelly
Two gal one time, call it alot a dem

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