Watch Vybz Kartel Lectures at UWI 2011

Mr. Adijah Palmer has recently done a lecture at the UWI (University of the West Indies) themed COLORING BOOK, MY LIFE MY ART. The turn out to a lecture must have been a UWI world record as students crammed to hear Mr. Palmer lecture on his tattoos, lyrics, controversies, feud and his life. He spoke of his love for tattoos and his influence by Tupac Shakur tattoo that Tupac had on his belly that spelt THUG LIFE. He speaks on the significance of his tattoos and his body now being a canvas for art. Intellects of the UWI Campus throw hard questions at him, questioning his duty and responsibility as a role model as well as involvement in the masonry cult and the masonic symbolism’s of his tattoo.

Kartel answers these questions well. he states his belief in freedom and that he his merely an entertainer and not a religious, political or social leader therefore his duties are solely to entertain, which is debatable but he did stand his ground. The question after the lecture has not been uploaded as yet and as soon as it is I will upload these videos for your viewing.

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