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After a successful staging of the annual Coco Fridays and the new hit, Cocomania WTF, title sponsors Cocomania Coconut Rum have decided to start a year-long marketing campaign with promoters, VybeSquad Entertainment. The cleverly titled “Chase the Mania” campaign will see the brand being strategically pummeled onto the local party scene.

Several key messages will be reinforced in all sharpen Cocomania’s increasing popularity amongst drinkers. “As the name ‘Chase the Mania’ suggests, persons will be reminded that by drinking the Cocomania Coconut Rum, they are assisting in their pursuit of a level of euphoria and bliss. Also highlighted will be the Liquor’s ability to easily blend or ‘chase’ with a number of beverages on the market to create a wide variety of tasty cocktails.” explains Andrew Ellis, CEO of VybeSquad Entertainment.

Another major goal of the campaign is to bridge the gap between the brand and itsc customers by establishing a stable communication medium where feedback can be easily acquired. “Persons will get a chance to not only share creative ways that they have been ‘Chasing’ the Mania with various mixes but also learn from other Cocomania lovers how they get the most out of their favorite spirit.” Ellis continues.

For a chance to participate in the Chase the Mania Campaign, persons are asked to lookout for VybeSquad providing signature Cocomania Cocktails at premier Appleton A-Team events this Christmas season including Appleton South Beach & Appleton Karma. Also, persons can join the Cocomania Page for Updates, Cocomania Giveaways, Cocktail Recipes, Video Features and much more.

VybeSquad Entertainment has been responsible for the staging of the Cocomania Coco Fridays Summer Series for the past 3 years continue to represent the brand positively. For more information on Cocomania Coconut Rum or the Chase the Mania Campaign persons can join page at or follow the movement on Twitter @CocomaniaRum.

Contact Information:
VybeSquad Entertainment

(Photo By: IShangoPhotos. Promoters Robert Clarke and Andrew Ellis of VybeSquad Entertainment)

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