VW Super Bowl Jamaican Accent Commercial 2013 @mooremayhem

About the vw super bowl jamaican accent commercial… yu racist for coming on vacation?

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  1. It isnt racist but can be percieved as exploitive….I dont mind it as long as VW does something for ja..as in a donation or a promo in the country aswell give back or something to that effect.

  2. what is wrong with u people? whoeva is saying this ad is racist is just trying to wash there stained guilty consciences.i applaud the makers of this advertisement we jamaicans dont use race and simplicity to make a big deal out of,in america where i reside i see this crap everyday where people both white and black try to show that they,re alive by blowing things out of proportion,simpletons! jamaicans are not lazy , and,or just laid back and smoke ganja as percieved by many we are more than that our language and the way we talk does not define us. so back off with u racist talk cause we dont see it that way.v.w ad is great love it just plain fun. i use to drive a bug back home.

  3. Not being Jamaican I really can’t officially comment on whether the ad is racist or not, but certainly the commercial is far less racist than the movie Thor. Being of Norwegian decent, it was extremely offensive to have one of our Norse gods (Heimdall) portrayed by a non-Causcasian. It would be similar a movie about Desmond Tutu if Tutu was played by Mel Gibson. But the reality is, people just have to recognize that there are racists in Hollywood, and money makes the world go round. We little people can’t do much about it. The best we can do to acknowledge something as racist and move on.

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