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(Kingston, Jamaica) Internationally renowned reggae vocalist Singing Melody fresh from his December tour of Japan is now gearing up for what could potentially be his biggest mainstream project to date. On January 13th Melody along with SHEM Music Productions, Fat Eyes Productions and VP Records will debut his sixth official studio album entitled “They Call Me Mr. Melody” at a press launch in Kingston Jamaica four days ahead of the albums slated release date of January 17th.

The 13 track album which features never before heard singles from the man they call Mr. Melody comes with great anticipation this following early reviews from critics and industry stakeholders who have all cosigned the new project as Melody’s most anticipated album. In November VIBE Magazine writer Rob Kenner came across “Collide” the lead single off the compilation and was quoted as saying “Welcome back Mr. Melody. We’ve been missing you. And what better way to come back than with a world-class video and one of those songs that touch the heart deeply”. Another key figure in mainstream media Patricia Meschino, Writer, Billboard Magazine and was also quoted as saying “One listen to They Call Me Mr. Melody reaffirms Singing Melody as one of the finest singers to emerge from Jamaica, an island overcrowded with extraordinary vocal talents”. Over in Europe the response remains the same with Ellen Koehlings Editor of Riddim Magazine (Germany) saying, “Singing Melody’s album will definitely be appreciated by any serious reggae lover”.

On the distribution end, Donovan Williams of VP Records spoke openly about the company’s willingness to work with such a remarked reggae ambassador. “Singing Melody continues to amaze us with his creativity and insights as to how quality music needs to sound. He hasn’t let us down over all these years and his production standards are as perfect as ever with this new album”.

As is the case with every successful project it can be seen that a lot of thought, planning and execution went into making “They Call Me Mr. Melody” a viable reggae album that once released is expected to break in other international markets. Melody’s returns to the scene signifies his undying love for the fans who he admits have stuck with him through thick and thin. In September he made his lead single “Collide” which is a cover of Howie Day’s 2004 hit, Free for download, a thank you of sorts that Melody to this day admits was a worthwhile move with the single climbing local and international charts during the December period. “Collide” was also feature on the popular Windows Media Guide website where Melody was listed as a World Class Reggae singer.

With the album showcasing a more diverse selection of songs which include “Ta-Da“, “Leaders Of The World“, “Smile“, “Must Be The Girl” and his next upcoming single “Time Wasted” Melody confidence and readiness for the future is now more evident than ever. Featured on the new album are Grammy award winning producers Tony “CD” Kelly, Lynford “Fatta” Marshall who played the role of lead producer, Donovan Germaine and Skatta Burrell alongside recording artists Stacious, U Roy, Lymie Murray and L.U.S.T.



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