Video Web Awards: Tiana "I Wont" and Delus "True Love" for Best Break Out Video

Caribbean music has come a long way over the last decade and nowhere is that more evident than as seen through the quality of our music videos.

New York (NY): Caribbean music has come a long way over the last decade and nowhere is that more evident than as seen through the quality of our music videos. CariVibez TV is pleased to announce the nominees for the 1st Annual Video Web Awards.

The CariVibez Video Web Awards, as the name suggests, is a web based award event that is true to its name and follows a format where the web community decides who will be recipients of CariVibez’ 1st Annual fine crystal Global Tower of Recognition. The list of individuals selected as nominees in each category are those who have created significant buzz on the internet for their concepts, style, flow, creativity, and cinematography within the last year.

The 1st Annual Web Music Video Awards will feature six categories; Director Avant-garde, Dancer Of The Year, Breakout Video, as well as Soca / Calypso, Female, and Male Video Of The Year awards.


Visit the Video Web Awards home page ( to cast your votes or click through to the polls from the CariVibez TV home page ( where the “awards” logo is featured. Visitors can vote as many times as they would like for their nominee(s) of choice.


Director Avant-garde Award:

Caribbean music, and more specifically dancehall/reggae, has come a long way within the past few years. Our music videos are now on par with those from other genres and have been featured on numerous mainstream medium around the world. These men and women are the stalwarts responsible for transforming the landscape and visual perception of dancehall/reggae music. They are the embodiment of “Avant-garde”, foremost leaders of the reggae movement as a legitimate and viable mainstream genre.

Nominees: Jay Will (Game Over), Ras Kassa (Guru Films), Michael “Ras Tingle” Tingling (TD Films), Scorpio 21, and Terminal 4

Dancer Of The Year Award:

Reggae / Dancehall has become synonymous with dancing! The latest styles, trends, and street slangs have become mainstream thanks to these musical ambassadors. These dancers are in demand and have established themselves as the cream of the crop. They are featured in anything from music videos, short films, documentaries, and have toured the world extensively showcasing their craft.

Nominees: Mystic Davis, Chad “Global Bob” Torrington, Latonya Style, Skerrit Bwoy, Shy-N, and Gana Gana

Breakout Video Of The Year Award:

In a year dominated by familiar names at the top of almost every local and international charts, these nominees (though not necessarily new to their craft) produced viable hits which garnered significant airplay and notoriety from peers and fans across the globe. Each nominee has a unique style / flair and capable of establishing themselves as the future stars of tomorrow. Stars who will carry the mantle and continue the upliftment of an entire genre.

Nominees: Delus “True Love”, Hyah Slyce “Feel So Fine”, G Whizz “Life”, Tiana “I Wont”, Nuclear “Single Mothers”, and Ras Penco “Thousand Miles Away”

Female Video Of The Year Award:

In a genre typically dominated by the strong presence of men, these women have announced their arrival as significant players on the musical landscape. Their lyrical delivery and styles are contagious! From the sultry, sexy, seductive, bad girl to political and social commentary, these women are the lifeblood of the genre and carry the mantra essential for the survival of the music. They are mothers, leaders, and role models and furthermore, they are in demand!

Nominees: Raine Seville “Be Careful/Slippery When Wet”, Queen Ifrica “Lioness On The Rise”, D’ Angel “Stronger”, Kris Kelli “Kotch Aroun”, Alaine “Never Done”, and Brick & Lace “Bad To Di Bone”

Male Video Of The Year Award:

Piz·zazz, creativity, style, flow, the ability to “shock n awe” are some of choice words that come to mind when thinking about these gentlemen. They are masters of their craft and through lyrical content have been able to win over audiences and fans from both near and far. These men are without controversy except those that are evoked by the words they spit. They have become household names recognized for their versatility, prowess, and influential power.

Nominees: Jah Cure “Call On Me”, Busy Signal “Hottt ed Medley”, Voicemail “Dance The Night Away”, Courtney John “Lucky Man”, RDX “Bend Over”, Mr. Vegas “Gallis/Sassa Step”

Soca / Calypso Video Of The Year:

Long considered a hidden Caribbean treasure, however with the growing popularity of carnival and the increase use of the term “bacchanal” amongst party revelers Soca / Calypso music has carved out an ever expanding niche around the globe. These nominees have all made considerable contributions through their music and in doing so have brought about national pride and a sense of infectious culture awareness.

Nominees: Destra Garcia “Bacchanal”, Peter Ram “Tight”, Kevin Lyttle “Fyah”, Blaxx “Tusty”, and Machel Montano “Defense”


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