(Video) 14-y-o Anchovy High Girl Stabbed and Killed During Fight w/ Former Best Friend

Warning video is very graphic and contains indecent language.

A 14-year-old student of Anchovy High school was fatally stabbed allegedly by one of her classmates during a fight on the main road near the school as they headed home at the end of the morning shift yesterday afternoon.

The deceased has been identified as Jamella Dawkins of Potosi, John’s Hall, in the parish. Her alleged killer has since been taken into custody.

The police report that about 12:20 pm the two schoolgirls had a fight when a knife was brought into play. Dawkins was stabbed and was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where doctors declared her dead.

Her alleged attacker reportedly fled the scene but was later held by the police in Montego Hills.

Yesterday’s tragic incident is said to be the result of a feud which developed not long ago between the two grade eight students who were once best friends.

The Jamaica Observer was told that the deadly fight was the second between the two in three days.

Efforts to get a comment from the school’s principal yesterday proved futile,

as he was said to be locked in a meeting with staff

and Ministry of Education personnel.

In a telephone interview, the school’s Chairman Calvin G Brown said the incident has left the entire school population and the families of the victim in deep mourning.

“The entire school is in mourning. The school is concerned about the fact that the incident took place and we have lost two children, the victim and the aggressor. We sympathise with the parents of both children, especially the victim. It is so senseless,” Brown lamented.

He argued that the incident underscored the need for clinical psychologists in the school system.

“Somehow we have to learn to manage aggression and you are never too young to begin to teach these types of things so that children can learn to manage conflict,” noted Brown.

“We have tried to put in conflict management but we are going to have to try to expand it… at all levels of the school system,” he added.

via JamaicaObserver

  1. jamaica gone to the dogs, in my days growing up we would never think of killing each other, we quarrel and malice each other and then friends again, this is terrible

  2. I can't believe this has happened, can't even believe that someone would even post this. I think Killer(girl) should get locked up for the rest of her natural born life. To the JACKASS who recorded and posted this stuff he should also be arrested. Damn, these kids have no mercy, this is too freaking WICKED. For that chick, I hope there is some street justice.

  3. Just listening to how these so called children acted over the killing and see the leading up to the stabbing, tell me why we shouldn't refer to them as a bunch of murderers, are we better off than Iraq?, well I don't think so and why shouldn't these murderers shouldn't be in prison on death row? Its so sad what we witness, but can we really blame them when we see how our so call leaders behave in Parliament?

  4. omg this is what our country gone to now…i just cant believe wat I just c ere…Jesus Christ man Jamaica need God…We r living in d last days and people need to turn frm their wicked ways and seek god…my heart goes out to this little girl family…May God bring joy and peace to their hearts…smh…the taxi driver I cant beleive he worshipped his ole car that he could nt try to save a life…smh…people please take heed seek God before its 2 late.

  5. You are so true Sophia Holness we can look back at those days and laugh. Unfortunately, these youngsters knows nothing about Godly character, they neither go to Sunday or Sabbath school. Children live what they learn. Prayer and worship is taken from most of our class rooms, and the suggestion of "devine intervention" is a disturbing suggestion to most of us. The question i will ask, what will our future generation be like?

  6. I mean the child's life could have bn saved..they have up the poor child up n dwn…bwoy im so upset rite nw…my heart goes out to the family…may God b with them smh..

  7. Very sad day for the parents of all those children…..I'd love to see children who murder stand trial as adults for their crime

  8. this sick me to me stomach, you mean fe say to gyal pickney a fight and one of dem have fe draw fea knife!, would love to know whe the a fight for so hard that them have to kill,?
    the sad ting is this is what people see on the news and TV and thing every Jamaican is the same now that little girls are killing that just leave the baby dem next to be tarred wid the same brush!
    A fuckery whe this a promote maybe if one of them kid deh mdid know first aid and apply pressure to the wound instead of pulling her her and there, the little bigman a cuss whole heap of B's and C's had stop filming and help the gyal maybe she might be still her, now 2 live lost one dead and one gone a jail! SMH

  9. Bring back slavery….'our' people 'most', not ALL and the young people are Damned and wicked to have life! this could have been my daughter…I feel sick to my stomach…sick!

  10. It is not easy to comment on this video because there are so many levels of depravity. From the videographer to the bystanders, and certainly the country of Jamaica that is hosting so much violence, without taking effective measures to counter it. I find it hard to speak. Instead I weep. For all our lives we have accommodated certain blasphemic elements in our language. We ourselves at some point have uttered cursewords or tolerated them from others but I hope, through this video, we can hear the desecration and the utter lawlessness coming through from the comments of the videographer and the frenzied uproar of the crowd. At no time it seemed, someone stepped in to stop the fight because that moment was fully weighted with the spectacle of death and degradation and when this happens, only the spilling of a blood sacrifice will suffice. It's an age old story of people who have thrown off all moral restraints and GOD and have been given over to depravity. Every person in that crowd is an offender! So now the sacrifice has been made, what then? Do we move on with business as usual and wait for the next sacrifice? Because there will be more! All of us have family members who are at risk. Do we still send them clothes and shoes so they can be pretty killers or do we mentor them? Let's think about this.

  11. Why did they only take the killer in? what about her accomplice? All the sadist involved in this cruel act should be sent to prison, including the filthy mouth camera manure and the others pulling her…..i have a lil girl and things like these make me wonder (SIGH)….

  12. Carole Campbell, I have shared this also which some found distasteful. I did because I mourn. I agree with all the sentiments you have written here. I do hope this is a wake up call to what is really taking place with our children and in our beloved island.

  13. this is very sad ti know that u sent ur child to school and only to hear one is dead and the other is wnated in connection with a murder. the government of Jamaica and Jamaicans alike can't we see what destruction is happeneing to future leaders of the country? What will happen when its their turn to lead the country these are serious times. Kids just enjoy your childhood don not rush become an adult to face the problems of the world. Those days cannot be regained when they are lost!!!!!!

  14. Are these school kids or are they savages? No hope for the Island at all, it is a disgrace to see this kind of behavior coming from children, Shame on Jamaica for this kind of barbaric behavior. Who could have prevented this young lady from losing her life? This is just wrong and who will step-up to prevent this from happening again? This young lady was killed by her former best friend. My heart hurt when I watch the video.

  15. It is absolutely senseless, shameful ,and distasteful. Not to mention the young man who took the video. This video ought to taken off the internet and this young man who was more interested in filming a video than saving lives should please taste a little of what it is to suffer in such manner. Even in dying the young lady's dress was flung up in the air exposing her body and it did not matter.

    I attend this noble institution and graduated over 18 years ago ,and this is the worst even I have ever seen or heard of to unfold there. It broke my heart and words are not enough t express my disgust on this matter. Anchovy is a great institution and should in no way be blamed or held accountable for such actions. The only area of improvement is security and vigilance. This seems to be a feud that sprang over into the day of the incident.

  16. Erica Harrison I share your outrage. Please realize, however, that this killing may well have been the result of one girl seeking "street Justice". We must break this cycle of violence.

  17. Jesus we need you more than ever, too much blood being shed, too much pain, we cry out to you Lord. These are signs that the end is near, this nation has no longer have a heart, no love and no fear for God.
    Jesus Save Us, have mercy dear Lord…. WE NEED YOU JESUS, WE NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER. Our children have been taken over by the devil, save them, Save us Lord.

  18. Trust mi, it brought tears to mi eyes to see this barbaric act. I can imagine the feelings to a close relative who might happen to see this video. I think I should give the videographer some credit for enlightening the public with what took place but he on the other hand doesn't seems to be different from the killer after hearing him getting aggressive to someone that they should not push him cause him wi do summady tings to… SOOOOO SUPER SADDDDDD! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  19. @ Erica Harrison.You don't make sense when you are calling out for street justice? Wasn't the attacker the one who got stabbed and why didn't she go and sit down on a bench too instead of trying to impress the other idiots touting her?

  20. I thought i wanted to see what went down, but now i regret it… this is so frightening and to think these kids stood there behaving like that, one actually video the whole incident… so heartless at such young ages… i pray for our nation…

  21. the time him tek a video him shudda a call di police….credit??? plz.. then him a tell di girl hurry up an gwaan before police come..kmdt

  22. totally speechless…what has our country come to, what is wrong with our nations children…may god provide peace and comfort for the relatives of the victim and I hope this girl get the full punishment she deserves! this is just disgusting and brutal!

  23. This is what happens to a society that adopts everything from other countries good or a bad. A country that don't know where it's coming from and consequently don't where it's heading to.

  24. This is the second time I've seen this and in my opinion these are the reasons why that child suffered so long.
    1. These bystanders clearly thought it was a joke.
    2. When they realized it wasn't they all panicked.
    3. The 2 "sensible adults" weren't sensible enough to take her to the hospital or provide first aid.
    4. No one knew first aid or had enough sense to call the police.

    She could have been saved. BUT she was also wrong to go starting that fight not knowing what she was getting into. I'm not saying she brought it on herself, but in the heat of rage; common sense seems to not be prevalent in the minds of angry children. I weep for her, I weep for this country. I fear for my children's lives if ever I become blessed with motherhood. In the words of Elton John "Somewhere a road forks up ahead between ignorance and innocence. 2 lives drift on different winds; 1 life ruined, 1 life spent" These children take death and violence as entertainment, something to post on "Youchube" n "Tweeder" because they don't know any better. Where were the adults in all this? At one point the girl was put into the back of a car. Who was the genius that took her back out! This girl spent the last 6 minutes of her life thinking "someone help me please" and no one helped her. Just dragged her around and made her feel even m ore degraded that she already felt. Its sickening to know this is what Jamaica has gone to.

  25. May her little soul rest in peace. Its the new thing now to video a persons misfortune and/or demise. In NYC a man got hit by a train and there was a picture taken of his final moments. The person taking the picture was close enough to reach out and touch the guy, which means he could have also lent a helping hand.One never knows when their turn may come and hopefully someone will put the camera down and lend a helping hand. We watch though the aid of YouTube, but god is also watches, and karma is a bitch. In the meantime, there needs to be a law that addresses this issue, which is a sad fact in itself…

  26. I'm so vex I got to come again:
    Where were the grown people? School let out and no security is around at all? Not 1 teacher or staffer is in close enough proximity that they could render assistance? They should have mucho security cus a teacher got stabbed there in 2011 after which all these "big changes" were supposed to have taken place, so what happened? I saw a guy who looked like an adult begin to render aid, but then he looked like he changed his mind. She spent her last 6 minutes on this earth being dragged through the dirt by a bunch of confused children like herself. The little imbecils who would rather film as the life drained out of her, than 2 hang up and dial 119, and then posted it to you tube should be charged. She took her last breaths as she laid in the back of that car. Why did they put her in the car, then take her out and dump her back in the street? Maybe she could have been saved if she had been whisked away to the hospital at that point, cus that was clearly the turning point in her condition. I wonder how the 2 guys that were in the car feels now?

  27. ..this is one of the main reasons why I spent every last dollar to ensure that my children pass their exams to be quaranteed places into reputable institutions in Jamaica and I feel the pain for those parents who aren't so fortunate.

  28. its a shame that happen but this shows its time to cut out the class thing,high class school,middle class school,and then there is the under privileged school that no one wants to send there children,its time to strive for one class one standard one educational level and hold teachers and parents responsible no matter where the school is,im tired of this kind of things happening it needs to stop now.

  29. My heart is heavy… how would these 'children' be so wicked? sigh… its heart rending. My condolences to the family. This is indeed hard for us to watch I had to be fighting back my tears. I cant express how angry I am.
    Oh GOD we do need divine intervention.

  30. I am not sure why so many people are here complaining when they endorse ALL of the programs that are imported to Jamaica to desensitize children to violence & sex. most of the comments are hypocritical & farce. Speak to these same adults who are declaring how sick these kids are and you would be surprise to hear the kind of programs they watch at home, what they do, how they treat their spouses etc. They will Defend BET, MTV, Family Guy, South Park, modern family, lewd talk shows , gory bloody video games, horror movies etc. Most Adults ignore the fact that the more confuse children get regarding right and wrong, the more susceptible they are to do wrong. The world as a whole is going through a moral decline. This video is a result of what ADULTS have been sowing. SADLY! Our leaders are more worried about keeping up with what's "cool", they take away all the morally binding or disciplinary ideals and force -feed sex & violence on cable TV & other social programs , TVJ is now a disgrace etc. The star & Jamaica Gleaner publish crap daily "sensationalism". This coupled with the high poverty rate in Jamaica is recipe for disaster. This video broke my heart, but the root of the problem is GROWN-UPS that lack morals, not the children who emulate The kids are not the ones approving all the things that have been impacting them negatively. They are not the ones filling the airwaves with murder songs, adults run radio stations. IF they are bastards, murderers, whores, etc, they are simply doing what is being done around them and applauded day after day, by twisted two face perverted adults… The murderer should be punished, no doubt! she should be locked away. Someone asked her to let go of the knife before she stabbed the 14 year old. Government entities and mature citizens need to recapture and adhere to what use to work, though it seems the gate has already been flung wide open and the horses are already galloping away.

  31. I choose not 2 comment as I'm in shock all I want 2 say is R.I.P jemella dawkins fly with the angels lilly girl your at peace now gods by your side x.

  32. Nigel Henry , trust me, I was so hurt to listen to the boy, he was just CONSUMED with recording the event, that watching her got killed was more important that trying to save her or truly break up the fight. It's a testimony as to where most of us are "emotionally" as people.

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