Vershon vows to continue lyrical battle with Jahmiel

Dancehall artiste Vershon says he will not back out of the lyrical war between himself and fellow entertainer Jahmiel.

Vershon said that he and Jahmiel have been at odds for some time, but explained that he chose to now address the issues between them as he believes the entertainer took things a bit too far after making mention of his son in one of his diss tracks.

“Clearly, mi career is a problem to some artiste. People did a tell mi from a longer time but me never really did a pay it any mind until him get me son involved,” he said. “Him say him ago tun mi yute inna him stepson and me take offence to dat because anybody know me, know say my son a mi life.”

He said he felt the need to respond to not only defend his son, but to prove that he is no walkover in the music industry.

“Mi nuh wah no man feel like me a coward, nuh true yuh see me a sing nice songs with positive messages, yuh feel like yuh can diss me or diss me yute,” he said. “Mi a ignore him long enough. Maybe him friend dem round him a hype him up and if yuh feel like your career better than a next man career, keep dat to yourself man.”

Vershon also sought to set the record straight where his involvement with fellow artiste Popcaan is concerned.

Many believe the lyrical war between Jahmiel and himself is based on the allegiance each party has formed.

Vershon has been supporting Popcaan in recent times, while Jahmiel has always voiced his support for Alkaline and Mavado.

“Me saying ‘Unruly’ nuh supposed to have nothing fi do wid a next man. People know say me and Popcaan a fren like that and people know say him and Mavado a fren like that, so me and him nuh supposed to have nothing because a dat,” he explained. “People ago say is a Vendetta/Gully vs Unruly thing, but is not that a gwaan. Is just this yute a try fi say him better than me and me a address it.”

In the meantime, Vershon says as long as Jahmiel is prepared to draw out the ‘song-for-song’ clash, he has his battle armour on and is ready for the challenge.

The two artistes have been engaged in a lyrical showdown since last week and have each released a series of diss tracks aimed at each other.



Source: TheStar

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