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(Kingston, Jamaica) — The charismatic Versatile says he’ll be bringing the heat for the summer.

The deejay who catapulted to the top of the Dancehall scene with Bank Inna Mi Pocket, produced by Romeich Records has been continuing his journey to greatness by having his single hit a number of local charts. He says, “That was a real accomplishment for me. I feel really good about how people have received the song.”

Since then, Versatile has also recorded a number of other singles including My Year and more recently, Summen A Go Do Yuh featuring D’Major produced by Equinoxx.

The deejay, whose correct name is Sheldon Taylor has also been featured on a number of dancehall’s hottest mixtapes including those be DJ Kenny, CD Master and DJ Kuffa. He says, “A nuff more me have fi di summer. I’m gonna be steaming things up so people better beware.”

Source: Blueprint Publicity & Promotions

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