Vegas quits music

After 11 years in music, dancehall artiste Vegas, born Clifford Smith, is retiring to spend time with God and his kids.

He said his decision was ordained by God and it has been in the making for years.

“Is just something weh a build up from inna mi from a few years back. Mi just deh somewhere and mi nuh happy. Mi a fight a battle and a do something weh mi nuh enjoy,” he told THE STAR.

Close to God and my kids

“People around you laugh and talk wid yuh and as yuh turn yuh back is a different thing. But this is just a time for me to get close to God and my kids.”

But, the deejay says he has no plans to do gospel music.

“I have no plans to do gospel. I don’t know what God has planned for me,” said Vegas who became popular with songs such as Heads High, Nike Air and Jacket.

Vegas explained that he made attempts to leave the business in the past when Bounty Killer made negative remarks about him. However, he said, “If mi did walk away at the time mi would give Bounty the victory and mek people seh Bounty mash up Vegas career.”

God a di master

“Mi show di world seh God a di master and mi find nuff hits after dat like Taxi Fare and Tek Weh Yuhself. No man nuh bigger or better than God,” he said.

Vegas said this move to retire has nothing to do with his health. The deejay has been living with pericarditis and gastroesophageal reflux illness.

“Mi deh pon hospital bed already and mi get out of the bed fi perform so dat mi can mek people happy and so dat di promoters nuh lose dem money weh dem pay,” he said.

Cancel upcoming gigs

Though he dreads the idea, Vegas said he is trying to cancel his upcoming gigs. However, this is proving to be rather difficult.

“Mi a try explain to dem (promoter) but mi feel bad fi a walk out pon di people dem weh spend dem money. It’s just nuff thing. You would have to be in my shoes to understand it. Sometimes you try fi mek other people around you happy but you unhappy,” a tearful Vegas told THE STAR.

His decision seems like a tough one but he said it is something that had to be done.

“God a di master. This haffi do wid me as a person and mi waan fi walk away from this (music). It nuh haffi do wid nobody,” he said. “It nuh haffi do wid me want a write up or mi nuh have no song so mi want a hype.”

Thanks everybody

Nonetheless, Vegas hopes his fans will understand and accept his decision.

“Thank everybody weh believe inna mi and help mi fi do 11 years inna music even when everybody else a try stop mi. But my main thing is to be closer to God Almighty and spend more time with my kids,” he said.

Source: JamaicaStar


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