Valiant Scholar

Valiant “Scholar” Video

After going viral AGAIN over the weekend with his hit single “Dunce Check,” dancehall artiste Valiant is back with the follow-up, “Scholar”.

Please don’t judge me. Just lef school and nuh have nuh subject. Don’t call me nuh dunce head I’m working progress. Still have to come out to something. Feel fi build a boat and run weh. Nutten nah gwan in a the country…


The trending dancehall artiste responded lyrically to Minister with responsibility for information Robert Morgan after the latter expressed concern over the lyrics of some dancehall songs. The audio from his presentation was used as the intro to Scholar.

I heard my son playing a YouTube video and he wasn’t playing it because he looked for it. He was just on his tablet and I heard ‘bounce cheque inna account and mek mi skull upset.[None a unuh] Nuh know dunce yet, back a di class mi nah nuh subject’ and mi a seh when did dunce become fashionable?

Dunce Check has since gone viral, racking up over 2.2 Million views on Youtube, and has solidified his spot for Sting 2022.

Valiant first went viral with the slang, ‘Kotch e Hat,’ and has then dropped several buzz-worthy songs trending on social media. Among them are C.A.L. (2.4 million views on YouTube), St Mary (4.2 million views), Siance (2.4 million views), and North Carolina (4.4 million views).

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