Utech Students Demand Apology from Kartel

News surfaced recently, that popular Dancehall Artiste Vybz Kartel made offensive remarks about the students of the University of Technology, Jamaica (Utech), while at the same time lauding students attending the University of the West Indies (UWI). It is being alleged that this was done while in performance at the Freshers Fete held at UWI Student Union on Friday, September 4, 2009.

Kartel stated “UWI a di university this of the west indies, yu zimi, dats why wi seh UWI doh? cause if yu did seh UTECH, dat mean seh you tek b**dy innah yu b**ty”

Following these disparaging utterances students of Utech were grossly offended by Kartel’s demeaning remarks, and understandably so the students are now demanding an apology from the Artiste. These Students have taken the stance that if an apology is not issued they will boycott Vybz KArtels music and future performances at the institution.

In defense of his fellow Utech students, Exile Di Brave, has voiced his opinion on a track, condemning Kartel’s utterances and showing love and respect for students, of both the tertiary institutions.


Exile Di Brave’s track can be heard using the player below:

Some comments made via Youtube:

Ok.. that a irrelevant statement still… He shoulda never say that – boneyardconnection

I don’t think he meant anything by it. He’s just telling his fans wat they want 2 hear. I don’t get f**k in the ass so its kool – Naidak22

Other comments from popular entertainment website 876radio.com:

well all mi a seh from kartel violate wid demkind of joke deh, him fi get straighten up. a full time someone stop him in his track of – Donz

all now him nuh apologize? yow kartel a quickest artiste fi respond to n e ting relating 2 allegation/ accusations n all now him nuh gi nuh public apology? him kno weh him du a f^ckry suh him dumb now – Kf

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  1. The Brave, Exile u tune a shot, Kartel boi ohh boi, u need fi gwaan better seriously both schools a produce some a the best, It simple UWIGAZA, u no mek no sense u caan Diss Utech and no diss UWI and if u go UWI and a tek up fi kartel u a ediat, If u seh Gaza nuttin no wrong but what he did was stupid and a same way any artiste wi go Utech and diss UWI. It occurs vice versa. regardless of u guys being Gully/Gaza when a man wrong him wrong SIMPLE! and if this wanna be added i am a proud past student of Utech and a over deh wi beat a Battyman, from UWI, so unno and unno gaza need fi understand the levels ..BIG UP EXILE. ENGINE STUDENT!! Nuff love UTECH to the worl. One a di best University.

  2. A UTECH mi get my Bsc in Computing so guess what? mi haffi rate and respect mi Alma Mater. Gaza did go wrong this time, and guess what UWI, u aint totally saved yet, many more shows to do, so guess what. dont take it too lightly, him shoulda get a ban from stage shows a UTech fi that. and furthermo, if him no perform a Utech wi no hurt and + wi no need him …if him forward a Utech a Boooooooooes him a get ..straight.

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