Use my story to save some youths says Scholar Artiste Sangster

For many dancehall artistes music was their saving grace and the vehicle that transported them from poverty however for fast rising singjay Sangster education was his first passport. The industrial engineer and scholar says his mother gave birth to him at the tender age of fourteen and raised him along with his siblings without the presence of a father figure in a volatile community in Old Harbour which fueled his drive to succeed. According to Sangster music was his way of coping with the harsh realities of inner city life while education provided the spring board to his musical pursuits. 

“Hard life can make you into an unstoppable force if your mindset is right. My mom had me at 14 in a inner city community without any form of assistance from my father which gave me two choices very early in life, one was to become a criminal and use my struggles as an excuse or use education to take myself and my family out of poverty. Thanks to father god I made the right choice” Sangster stated. 

As a teenager Sangster dedicated his time to both music and his studies which started to bear fruit when he  earned a full academic scholarship to pursue his bachelors degree in industrial engineering at The Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMU) which he completed with honours. However according to Sangster his proudest achievement is the fact that he is now in a position to be able to pursue his musical mission.

“I had to get myself and my  family out of the struggle first before giving my music the attention needed to achieve my musical goals because I would not be able to focus on music without making sure my mother was comfortable. Since the start of my professional I have been getting very positive feedback from music pundits and the general public especially about my single Beauty Queen from this point on its just 100% work” stated Sangster.  

Currently Sangster is employed to Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) as an industrial engineer and has a cluster of buzzing singles including Beauty Queen, Mental Slavery, Independent Lady and Fresh.  

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