"Usain Bolt endorses 'Real Friends' as the last song he listened before his 19.19 200m record."

Triple Olympic and World Champion gold medalists and world record holder, Usain Bolt, continues to not only accomplished the seemingly unattainable, but also proving to not only be a sporting ambassador, though achievements, but also a cultural one as well, by constantly inviting and educating the word in bits and piece, about not only our social culture, but music as well.

Apart from exposing yet another Jamaican dance to the world, via Berlin, as he did in Beijing, he introduced a dance called ‘Logo Logo ‘ after his magnificent 100 world record run, along side team mate Asafa, who also received a bronze medal, in the same event. He has been exposing, our world revered reggae and dancehall music, as reporters interest have been sparked as they feel the music he enjoys, impacts his mental focus and frame of mind before and during his competition.

Immediately after his 200m performance Usain was quizzed about his race, and was asked by the reporter, ” What was the last song he listened before his race?”

According to the you tube captioned link “Usain Bolt tells Wallace Spearmon not to call him “Bolt” Bolt also says “This was a perfect race. Any time you break the world record it’s a perfect race.” Plus he talks about listening to Chris Martin’s ft D-Major & Agent Sasco – Real Friends, the last song he listened,before his amazing 19.19 seconds 200meter world record run. hail to the new record breaker!!”


Real Friends, by Christopher Martin, D- Major and Agent Sasco ( formerly Assassin), expressed elation at the news, that their musical efforts, was being applauded by not only the the Greatest athlete in the world, but a very close friend, and as such felt very elated that, he introduced their song to the world, after achieving such a world record breaking performance. According to Chris, who was quick to highlight his athlethic and sporting exploit’s, indicated that “I am so happy to know, Real Friends is even on his ipod play list, as the song is new out and it was released after they left he for Europe, I guess my Pr sent it to him, seeing he is a real friend, no pun intended… and the fact is Usain has caused us Jamaican so much joy this past week and this statement just pushed the joy into outta space, knowing the world does, imitate and copies everything he does, and says “.

D- Major, himself an avid track and field fan and supporter, as well as a former training mate with the Racers team, which houses Usain, was very surprised at the news, ‘”I was just basking in the glory the team as brought, and with this endorsement, he feels the world will want to find out, what the songs says or who we are, just like they did after Beijing when he highlighted the dance moves, but even if they don’t, he feels happy to know, their song might have in any little way, help his relaxed demeanor before the record”. Agent Sassco too felt elated, citing in an interview Sunday morning that “Usain has done so much, for Jamiaca image to the world, he is happy that his creativity was able to make a impact, and that he took the time out to inform the world of the work they are doing”.

Sasco, Chris Martin and D Major – Real Friends

Real Friends has high chart topping capabilities, and has garnered much buzz even before Usain’s world endorsement, the friends anthem, produced by ace producer TJ of TJ Records, “Real FRIENDS” aims at sending out the positive message of celebrating life and friendship now, and not waiting until our friends has pass on, to acknowledge their worth. The song exalts the meaning of a real friends both in character and personality. The trio, are amid plans to put visual to sound, via a video, and as such, are hoping that Usain will be here in Jamaica, and available to make a cameo appearance, as they are fully aware his schedule is a hectic one, and will be so with the current achievements in Berlin. However, the trio encourages the fans to continuing requesting real frends, and add it to their play list as well.

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