Update: Popcaan Arrested, Accuse Police of Harassment

According to the Antigua Observer, 27-year-old Andre Jay Sutherland known as Popcaan got into an altercation with a police officer on stage.

A raucous scene erupted last night at the Antigua Trades and Labour Union rally in Fort James after an incident that led to the arrest of the night’s featured Jamaican dancehall act.

The conflict began when a number of supporters climbed onto the stage and a police officer began removing them from the stage.

In a video of the incident the Jamaican artiste can be seen and heard intervening saying on the mic not to handle them so rough and physically separated a patron from the police officer who reacted by strongly pushing Popcaan.

Several patrons stepped in the way and another officer intervened to calm the police officer.

The dancehall artist later reportedly responded by directing a diss song to the police officer further escalating the situation.

The artist then left the stage where he alleged a further conflict occurred and patrons began throwing bottles onto the stage.

In a further video the artist – while being escorted by police officers into a vehicle – can be heard accusing the police of breaking open his mouth.

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