Dispute resolution Attorney Marlon Gilbert-Roberts and commercial lawyer Randolph Cheeks Jnr of law firm Cheeks & Co are instructed by Mr. CARLTON GRANT (‘Spragga Benz’). This statement is rendered by the firm in response to various media publications suggesting that Mr. Grant is wanted by, and/or is a fugitive from the law.

On the 23rd April 2011 a statement was published through various media channels naming Mr. Grant as a person of interest to the Police in connection with a shooting incident which occurred on the 22nd of April 2011. Immediately upon learning of the publication, this firm, by way of Mr. Gilbert-Roberts, urgently contacted the relevant police authorities on behalf of Mr. Grant in order to ascertain the basis of the report. The police were informed in discussion and in writing that Mr. Grant, currently overseas since April 14 fulfilling contractual commitments, was surprised and concerned by the allegations which he firmly denies.

Having met with the head of the M.I.T. as well as the officer in charge of the Elletson Rd Police Station and having established with the Police that Mr. Grant was not formally a suspect in any criminal matter, agreement was reached between Mr. Gilbert-Roberts, Mr. Cheeks and the police for Mr. Grant to meet with the police at the earliest mutually convenient opportunity to address any questions or concerns which they may have. The police have no objection to this arrangement having confirmed that Mr. Grant is not a suspect.

He his deeply concerned that the media publications have recklessly imperiled him and his family and have substantially damaged his commercial interests. He considers these allegations to be particularly troubling given that they have curiously arisen at a time when he is vigorously pursuing a matter in the Home Circuit Court in relation to the murder of his son Carlton Grant Jnr in August 2008.

Mr. Grant wishes to reassure his fans and the general public that that he remains firmly in opposition to any form for criminal activity and categorically denies the allegations.

Attorney at Law Randolph Cheeks Jnr has been engaged to assist with the enforcement of Mr. Grant’s rights in relation to the personal and commercial loss and damage occasioned by the offending publications with a view to determining the most appropriate course of legal action in this regard.

1) Marlon Gilbert-Roberts, Attorney-at-Law, Barrister (England & Wales)
2) Randolph Cheeks Jnr, Attorney-at-Law, Solicitor (England & Wales)

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