UK Cup Clash 2014 Preview Part 2 – Lady V

And in case you missed it…
Part 1

Lady V (V-Rocket International/Reggae Girls Promotions) chats to Gibbo to preview the UK Cup Clash 2014.

Listen to the interview to find out

* Which sound was the first chosen for this year’s event
* Which sound impressed her the most in 2013
* If she thinks Metro Media will use their “free tune” strategy again
* Why this may be Fire Link’s last chance
* If she feels Jahman Nuclear are the UK’s hottest clashing sound
* How Little Sample’s work ethic earned them their spot
* Why she chose to include Heavy Hammer over Supersonic
* If Supersonic’s rocky relationship with Chin prevented them from being included in the clash
* If she was aware War Ina East was taking place on the same night when she organized the event

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