Twins snubbed at Fully Loaded

Twin of Twins are claiming they were disrespected by the promoters of Fully Loaded, held on Sunday at James Bond Beach.

The duo, Paul and Patrick Gaynor, said they were prevented from entering the venue and were turned back by security at the entrance. The brothers had a pair of complimentary tickets.

The twins believe they were barred from entering because of comments on their hot new CD, Stir It Up Vol 8 – Trials and Crosses, about Fully Loaded promoter Sharon Burke.

The twins have been known to draw the ire of many people through their albums, which poke fun at issues and people in dancehall.

Patrick told THE WEEKEND STAR that while they were engaged in a confrontation with security at the gate, a phone call between Burke and another security personnel resulted in them being turned away.

“We go and when we reach at the gate, a phone call was made by one of the security, saying ‘Twin of Twins are making their way’ and later direct orders from Sharon said ‘They should not enter in no way or form’,” Patrick said.

Burke, however, told THE STAR she gave no such instructions as she did not even have a radio on her. She said her staff at the gate acted on their own.

“I know that my staff members were very upset with the way they disrespected me on their album, so I guess they decided not to let them in,” she said.

“I didn’t even have a radio on me, so why would they want to say that,” she added.

Source: JamaicaStar


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