Carnival is about fun and frolic and at the LIME All-Island Carnival, the fun and frolic would not be complete without appropriate drinks. Trade Winds Citrus and Pepsi have made the event a big part of their marketing portfolios by being official drink sponsors for the three-month long fete.

Head of Marketing at Trade Winds Citrus, Kim Lee expressed that through the Tru-Juice Premium Quality Juice and Calico Jack Rum Punch brands, they are always looking for new and exciting ways to immerse consumers in their new delicious flavours.

“We acknowledge that carnival in Jamaica is changing and evolving in many ways and we embrace the potential and variety of options. We feel that All-Island Carnival will take a fresh approach to what has become a Jamaican tradition, much like our Tru-Juice Orange Juice.” Lee said.

With the introduction of Calico Jack Rum Punch, Lee believes that this partnership will create great synergy. “We are thrilled to be part of the inaugural staging and would like to take this opportunity to let Jamaica know that we can’t wait for you to taste our awesome rum punch,” Lee continued.

Soft drink sponsor Pepsi Jamaica is always to sponsor an event that would allow them to continue to push their Pepsi Music campaign. “All-Island Carnival was the perfect activity for us as it is the only National Carnival and was the vehicle we could use to carry the Pepsi Music theme to all our consumers across the island,” highlighted Carlo Redwood, head of marketing at Pepsi.

Redwood continued by saying that the vision of the LIME All-Island Carnival is in sync with and is a continuation of the work of Byron Lee which speaks for itself.

As part of their sponsorship, Pepsi will be executing specific promotions island wide where consumers will be able to buy Pepsi for a chance to win great Carnival prizes as well as ticket to the events.

Source: Brandon Allwood & Associates Ltd

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