“Wine Up”, is a smashing hit single which features the collaboration of Digicel Rising Star runner up Annette Frazer, known in the dancehall fraternity as “Anna” and Kwame “IQ” Lemon on the Soul Fire Riddim. This single is a high-energy, club-banging song which is set to infiltrate the hearts and minds of music lovers all over the world.

“IQ” and “Ann” have spent hours in studio fusing their ideas, in order to create such a master piece as “Wine Up”. The Soul Fire Riddim is a dancehall beat which has mixture of pop and hip hop elements, heightening its versatility while inspiring the creativity of other djs and music lovers. This mix was part of a deliberate move to expand the marketability of the song.

The producers, Tripledose Production, having given the song an international feel, are expecting a positive response from the global market. A video is also in the pipe line to further boost the popularity this song is “jiggling up” to become.

This is song will be available for free downloads and for sale on i-tunes and other internet shops.

Listen/Download “Wine Up”:

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