A LEADING events promoter in Trinidad and Tobago has said his show, I Am Legend III, “suffered a great loss” because of the imprisonment of reggae superstar Buju Banton.

According to the Trinidad Express, the promoter Glenroy Watson said that I Am Legend III was tailor-made for Buju.


“I Am Legend was built on Buju and I miss him here tonight. Water run out my eyes, tears flowed from my eyes because I know, trust me, Buju is fighting a fight that you and I can’t see,” the promoter said.

Buju, whose given name is Mark Myrie, has been in a Florida jail since December last year when he was arrested and slapped with drug trafficking charges. He is scheduled to face the court for trial beginning April 19.

anti-gay stance

In the article, as reported by the Trinidad Express on Monday, Watson said Buju has been targeted because of his anti-gay stance. He said United States authorities are persecuting the reggae superstar for his renowned youthful hit song Boom Bye Bye.

“He has never been seen for who he truly is because of that song, Boom Bye Bye, and it’s a persecution he’s going through right now for what he believes,” Watson said.

However, some responders to the article online have scoffed at the promoter’s claims about the reason for Buju’s arrest.

“He’s not going through persecution for what he believes … No matter what his beliefs are about homosexuality, Buju is awaiting charges for purchasing illegal drugs,” a responder said while arguing that Watson has “plenty better things to cry over, like the killings and murders going on in Trinidad”.

Another responder said artistes like Buju are “a bad influence to the country’s youth”.

“They only spew violence and negativity in their songs, and the knucklehead, not knowing any better, seems to follow. Keep them out of the country, we don’t need them,” a Trinidadian, who posted his comment under the name Buju said.

Source: JamaicaStar

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