Trench Town Muzik Festival was a Success

The Trench Town Muzik Festival, which was held on December 21st, 2010 was a great success indeed. The Festival, promoted by Trench Town International Music and I-Cient-Cy Mau and the Mau Mau Warriors, was a real musical treat featuring authentic Jamaican reggae music and Nyabinghi drumming all day and night bringing joy and positive music to young and old alike.

I-Cient-Cy Mau and his band, the Mau Mau Warriors were one of the headliners of the show and their energetic performance was a crowd favourite with songs like “Works To Do”, “Struggle” and “We Are From Trench Town”. Many artistes performed exceptionally well. Bryan Gold, Royal African Soldiers, Earl “Chinna” Smith and the Inna De Yard Family and Bryan Art, who performed songs off his latest album, were well received and the Royal African Soldiers, Lucosade and Jennifer Barrett also delivered noteworthy performances to the delight of the patrons.

Trench Town has a longstanding legacy as the birth place of reggae music bringing forth some of the greatest reggae musicians such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. Today roots reggae music is still well and alive and flourishing in the community with many musical talents waiting to be seen on the world stage.

Trench Town Muzik FestivalTrench Town Muzik Festival

I-Cient-Cy Mau, the Mau Mau Warriors and their management team have been working tirelessly to record and promote an outstanding reggae album entitled “When Words Come To Life” (now available online on the website With many memorable performances under his belt it is just a matter of time until reggae fans the world over will feel and enjoy the music, messages and charismatic stage presence of I-Cient-Cy Mau live.


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