Tory Lanez Jamaican Influences

Like for most people music is my addiction. It’s that thing that without fail always manages to transport anywhere I want to be without moving muscle other than my heart. I’m not going to lie I only just learned about who Tory Lanez is and the dope shit he does this week. I stumbled upon a seemingly ‘new’ Sevyn Streeter track titled “Say It (Tory lanez remix)”. For whatever reason I interpreted that as Tory Lanez being some cool shit producer like Calvin Harris or something but not an actual singer, WRONG!

Tory Lanez – The New Toronto Mixtape

That sent me in search of what is apparently Tory Lanez’s original song “Say it” and was hit in the face by some raw uptown sounding patois in the intro of the video (see below). I immediately thought oh mah gad he’s Jamaican, how dope… WRONG AGAIN! So apparently Sean Kingston mentors Tory Lanez and that’s where he found his obsession with Jamaican patois slangs and accent.

In many of Tory’s hits you will hear bits and pieces of creole authentic to Jamrock culture and tongue scattered all throughout. In “Priceless” he spouts; “Jamaican models bringing ice and guinness” with a female voice in the background of the entire track repeating “wah gwaan?”. In The Godfather he sings “the way that a nigga be grinding, you’d think that my women are only Jamaican” making it safe to say Tory is proper taken by Jamaican women.

So with all that chatter and ting my recommendation for what track to download this week is Tory Lanez – Say it.

Article by Rashade St Patrick

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