Why Tiffany Haddish on Shaving Her Head?

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    Tiffany Haddish came through for her first-ever VladTV interview, and she spoke with Luenell about her childhood, including her perilous journey in foster care. She explained that her experience with foster care makes her have a big heart for kids going through those same things, and Tiffany explained that she wants to adopt a “rainbow tribe” of kids.

    Tiffany went on to speak about her comedy and acting career, including Kevin Hart helping her out when she was homeless, which led to Tiffany speaking candidly about the breakdown she had. She also spoke about her big breaks, including “Girl’s Trip” with Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, and Jada Pinkett-Smith, who Tiffany says she got really close with while making the movie. To hear more, including Tiffany speaking about her relationship with Common and getting kicked out of Scientology, hit the full interview above.

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