St. Thomas communities quarantined

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    The communities of Lower Summit, Church Corner and Bamboo River in St. Thomas are now under quarantine.

    The decision by the health authorities to quarantine the three areas was informed by the number of COVID-19 positive cases and the number persons presenting with symptoms of infection, and the need to contain the considerable risk of further transmission and infection. The 14-day quarantine became effective on Thursday, August 6 at 7:00 pm and will run until Thursday, August 20 at 6:00 am.

    The quarantine of areas is to restrict the movement of members of the communities to slow or prevent new exposures and new infections by:

    • further testing members of the communities;
    • close monitoring of members of the communities for the development of symptoms;
    • early containment of newly detected cases;
    • prevention of exposures and transmission of disease; and
    • education of members of the communities of infection prevention and control measures.

    Boundaries for the quarantine are detailed in the table below.



    CHURCH CORNER QUARANTINE AREA – The area of interest spans approximately 0.9 Sq. Km and is bounded by a 4.3 km perimeter.
    NORTH The boundary will start at the intersection of the Morant River and the Bustamante Bridge and will continue in a north-easterly direction along the Rozelle to Morant Bay Road to the roundabout and then continue along the perimeter of the Red Hills Cemetery to the intersection with Summit Boulevard and then easterly to where Stony Gut Avenue and Paul Place intersect, then the boundary will continue south-easterly for approximately 0.2 km to the intersection of Summit Road and Summit Grove and then due east for approximately 0.3 km to where it meets the river. 
    EAST The boundary will continue in a southerly direction along the river to where it meets the coast. 
    SOUTH The boundary will continue from where the river meets the coast and then continue in a south-westerly direction along the coast to where it intersects with the Morant River.
    WEST The boundary will continue in a north-westerly direction from the coast along the Morant River to its intersection with the Bustamante Bridge. 
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