Rich Homie Quan on Working with Drake: He Raps While Drinking Coco Lattes

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    Rich Homie Quan sat down with VladTV to discuss coming back from his hiatus following some legal issues. The ATL rapper revealed how discouraging the legal battle was with his former label T.I.G.

    Discouraging to the point that Rich Homie lost love and desire for the music. But he details how he bounced back and used his legal situation as an opportunity to learn the business behind the music. Rich Homie Quan recently dropped “Back to the Basics” which carried only one in-house feature. To this, Rich Homie explained that he wanted to use this project as a reintroduction of sorts and that he doesn’t need help telling his story. He also recollected his time working with Drake and admiring his work ethic and wasn’t quick to forget to mention his love for Meek Mill either.

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