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    With unseen footage and exclusive interviews, this programme reveals the story behind Jay-Z and Kanye West’s spectacular rise, their creative partnership and their colossal falling out.

    The documentary starts off by detailing how both Hov and Yeezy started off their relationship in the industry, with them becoming very close through Kanye producing his Blueprint album. Interviews are also conducted with Clark Kent, Just Blaze, Jay-Z’s ex teacher at school, GLC, Touré and many more who share commentary on the two’s relationship as well as their recent fallout.

    If you recall, last year, Kanye shed light on his issues with Hov during his Saint Pablo Tour after revealing that the veteran rapper never called Ye following Kim Kardashian’s traumatic robbery in Paris. This sparked many theories to circulate behind their broken friendship, which are covered in the documentary. Some allude to the fact that Jay-Z never intended to put an album out for Kanye when he signed him as an artist, while others believe their friendship was strained when Yeezy dated his now-wife Kim, as Hov and Beyonce were rumored to be disapproving of her. Hov even mentioned Kanye on the intro to his new album 4:44.

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