New Fashion Trend: Male Rompers???

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    The idea of male rompers becoming a new fashion trend has been met with strong resistance from many males, who consider the very thought repulsive.

    Damion Crawford, former MP, writing on Facebook, said “if u are a man and own/owned or intend to own a romper unfriend me NOW … not only on social media unfriend me in real life”.

    There has been a huge wave of memes about the idea of male rompers, called romphim, becoming a new fashion trend.

    Clearly not amused about the fashion, Jesus Alarcon, a Facebook user, said that “With every year that passes man get gayer and gayer.”

    Reginald C Mcgee, another Facebook user, said the wearing of male rompers is a sure telltale sign of homosexuality. “Ladies if your man wears one of these … he has a boyfriend,” he wrote.

    ACED Design, which has placed the product on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, said the RompHim as “pretty damn comfortable, and it may just be the start of a fashion revolution.”

    So far so 2,054 backers have pledged US$234,742, far surpassing the US$10,000 that was targetted.

    However, if the storong sentiments being expressed on social media is anything to go by, the romphim will die of suffocation. “Weh romper a go??? Not here,” user Jerome West wrote on Facebook.

    Women were also indignant at the idea. Millicent Needham posted: “Real man nuh play romper, leave it to the ladies”.

    Aneisha Smith wrote on her Facebook page that: “If I ever have a man and him wear this kmt”.

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