Michael Jordan Responds to LaVar Ball ‘One-On-One’ Claims

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    aVar Ball has made a handful of claims through his time in the limelight and through the media. From predicting his son Lonzo Ball would be drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers to him beating Michael Jordan one-on-one or the fact his son is better than Steph Curry right now.

    All claims have come with backlash and ridicule, but until now, some of those remarks have gone to the wayside as just banter because the people in question have no responded.

    Except, his Airness finally did. He told SLAM Online:

    “It doesn’t deserve a response, but I’m [going to] give it to you because you asked the question. I don’t think he could beat me if I was one-legged.

    “You got to understand the source. I think he played college, maybe? He averaged 2.2 points a game. Really?”

    We never really thought LaVar would ever beat MJ, even today, but Jordan really ethered him.

    UPDATE: LaVar Ball responds to Jordan’s comments about the two playing one-on-one.

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