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    I don’t know what the f**k going on
    Uh! Halloween Havoc

    (Verse 1 – Lloyd Banks)
    Uh, I let the hood take the most of me
    Can’t wait to make it out though this is destiny
    Feel like something’s protecting me
    Still one of the best to be added onto the recipe
    I’m humble, don’t scheme, we ain’t the ones to blow steam pressure for legacies
    The bottom line is, always picture me in the rafters
    Dodging the evil traps hoping the grip don’t snatch us
    Uh! Cities I’ve come to manage, need my name carved everywhere
    Coolest engine on the planet
    Making it rain underhanded
    Here’s the darker side
    Put here to get larger as my heart divides
    Crack the concrete parks cries, spark your rides
    Park your eyes, your stories all been lies
    Foreign rides, grip on my side
    Don’t like how they judge it then pour in lies
    I am arguably the flow that fathered three
    In charge of thee legion that MC hard has caught to be
    Legends don’t fall asleep
    Born with a brick on me, haunted by history
    Promised efficiency, my clique should be
    Lift up all this heat, burns to the sixth degree

    (Chorus – Lloyd Banks)
    Yeah! Ain’t nothing left to do but win
    Back against the wall already make it you’d be cool again
    The paper’s were the rulers been
    Shout out to the hood and all the real ni**as tuning in
    Nowadays you won’t know who’s your friend
    Separate me from what used to be, I got nothing to do with it
    But got something to prove again
    Me against the globe sour blunt roll

    (Verse 2 – Lloyd Banks)
    Uh! Visions of me hanging, ridiculous imagination
    Don’t hold your breath, these money steps make me 6-8
    When I awake there’s record breaking
    Talk is hurt, land slide and then peasant shaking
    Feathers waving on my top ten picks
    I pull the greatest out the pot
    Blend six, system reloaded
    Your behaviour says a lot, been flipped just to be noticed
    Son delivers like the first time
    Shout out to Saga, raised me winning cigars
    That compliments stars, butt out the maybes
    Panic raising normally, two wrongs would be just fitting
    Mingle them majority, new swords would be just chilling
    In the next few years you hearing classics out ya building
    All for the love of dope, liqueur, chronic
    And when I hit store I fall in love again
    Envision me striking it, doubling writing them troublesome
    Shot off right out the struggle son, know where I’m coming from
    Green motive out the gate
    Or start they hammer at the game like Golden State

    (Repeat Chorus)

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