Live from 226 St. James: Lil Cease on The 20th Anniversary of Biggie’s Death

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    On the 20th anniversary of Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace’s death, we linked with one of Biggie’s closest friends Lil Cease to reflect on what’s changed since his passing.

    Remember that line from Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s “Get Money”? B.I.G.’s spitting game at Lil’ Kim, talking about how “You wanna sip Mo on my living room floor / Play Nintendo with Cease and Nino.” Of course you do. As we celebrate the life and legacy of the late great Christopher Wallace—who passed away too soon, 20 years ago today—MASS APPEAL link up with JM members Lil Cease and Nino right on the front stoop of 226 St. James Place, the block where a hip-hop legend was born. Cease and Nino run back some of the memories they experienced right there on that stoop, envisioned what he’d be doing if he was here today, and let us know how “Things Done Changed.” B.I.G.’s lifelong playa partners have amassed thousands of signatures in their effort to rename this block “Christopher Wallace Way” but so far the powers that be have blocked their best efforts. But as B.I. might say, “It’s all good baby baby.” Peep the exclusive video above.

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