LA Leakers – Ball Like This ft. Future, Kid Ink & Wiz Khalifa Lyrics

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    (Intro – Future)
    This that just to come. The sound…this
    You don’t know how to ball like this yeah
    Astronaut Status, Freebandz. Eyyy, woah!

    (Chorus – Future)
    You don’t know what it takes to ball like this do ya?
    They don’t know what it takes to ball like this do they?
    You don’t know what it takes to ball like this do you?
    You don’t know what it takes to ball like this, Like this
    We turned up in here with all the girls in the VIP
    We got money on us, we bout to order up them bottles
    Hold on, we gone order up them bottles
    Got girls on girls in girls

    (Verse 1 – Future)
    European my wardrobe, done flooded out my AP
    Michael Jordans on red bottoms, got red bottoms on Balenciaga
    All the girls that roll with me, they either R&B or thot models
    I’m in the major leagues like the NBA
    I’m in the new car and I ain’t tryna race
    It’s a new Porsche, new Rovers, new Phantoms
    And we making movies, no cameras
    Private parties, you on the guest list
    I’m sipping on that Ace of Spades, I’m dranking on that Texas

    (Repeat Chorus)

    (Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa)
    Order up, getting contraband across the border
    Bad bi**h look like I import her
    Treat my d**k like a recorder
    I had to stop telling ni**as where I get my clothes
    Had to tell em if you dab then don’t let her doubt your nose
    I love her, I f**k her
    You cuff her, you love her, you f**k but don’t trust her
    She running for cover
    She f**king for bucks but you busting a nut for her
    Shame, Keenen Ivory Wayans
    Call you from a flight, I’m getting service on the plane
    Young Khalifa

    (Repeat Chorus)

    (Verse 3 – Kid Ink)
    You don’t know what it’s like
    Sipping champagne every night
    No, ain’t no celebration, on the road every night
    No, we ain’t on vacation man, this duffle bag is my life
    Bout to smoke out this hotel, mean where the f**k is my light?
    Nah, we ain’t talking no hype
    This everything it look like
    Then throwing money like rice
    Throwing like it’s to Jerry Rice
    Said Rollies tell me where the time go
    Champagne, Petron, that’s my combo
    Living in the club like it’s my condo
    Walk in shoes you ain’t gonna find..though

    (Repeat Chorus)

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