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    A High Court judge has temporarily lifted a stop order against popular entertainer Tommy Lee.

    Justice Vivienne Harris has also granted an order that will allow the entertainer to apply for a Jamaican passport.

    Tommy Lee, whose real name is Leroy Russell, is among four persons who were scheduled to go on trial in the Home Circuit Court today on charges related to the lottery scam.

    The entertainer is charged with unlawful use of premises under the Law Reform Fraudulent Transaction Special Provisions Act. He is also charged, along with O’Brian Smith, Shanice James and Sabrina Williams, with possession of identity information under the act.

    The trial has been postponed until July 10.

    Justice Harris, in her ruling, suspended the stop order imposed against Tommy Lee to allow him to apply for a passport. The suspension of the stop order begins today and remains in place until March 13.

    Justice Harris also ordered that the controversial entertainer must apply for his passport by March 3 and turn it over to the court by March 10.

    The orders came after Tommy Lee’s attorney Ernest Smith told the court that the entertainer needed the passport to embark on a European tour.

    Smith said Tommy Lee was not allowed to apply for the passport by Jamaican immigration officials who informed him that he needed a court order.

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