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    The mount a sitten Weh mi go through
    Me did affi power up like goku
    Cut a river through mi yard and watch it flow through
    Have them gyal a beg fi a round few
    Benz leather soft like a tofu
    use to curry chicken back or likkle brown stew
    Now a shrimp pon e grill fi the whole crew
    fi the whole crew

    Tell NWC say the drip inna mi watch
    Anuh ntn that fi dip inna the stash
    Yeh mi have a couple million fi wash
    Cause mi tell mi self mi living affi posh
    Dem target yuh from yuh sitting at the top
    Suh why yuh think the chip inna the Glock
    Sydenham,Bobbylane put mi city pon the map
    Just another Killy from the block

    Mi chain dem a drip happy ice happy ice
    Yuh think a likkle chicken back and ackee rice ?
    Mi tun unhappy days inna happy nights
    Only happy tears from me mommy eyes
    Yow a hard work that enuh and sacrifice
    And nuh matter Wah mi never drop the price
    Suh guh tell the yutes dem we affi rise
    Just believe say yuh have the power like Selassie voice


    Every ghetto yute ,
    Power up!
    Buy the land then yuh get the tower up
    Stinking rich sour up
    The benz white like say it flour up
    Power up!
    10 mil that before the hour up
    Some dutty money yah fi scour up
    Every ghetto yute power up !

    Verse 2

    Keep me broom them black and mi shoes dem chrome
    Cause me mother naah guh chose headstone
    Hustle buy mi yute dem home
    And dem Naah pay nuh student loan
    Big up every yute Weh a use dem phone
    Mi use lyrics and me use headphone
    Spain town yeah the truth well known
    A true king will never lose dem throne

    We nuh worry bout pressure cause we use to it
    No none a this nuh unique
    Me a beg mi mother nuffi lose sleep
    As yuh land yuh get a new jeep
    Yeah mi born see depression and fight
    Suh the pressures of life coulda never get me too weak
    Keep it moving like a loose leaf
    F*ck gyal and mek money life too sweet

    Every ghetto yute
    Power up
    Get the land then yuh get the tower up
    Range white like say it flour up
    Stinking rich sour up
    Spain town
    Power up!
    Millions before the hour up
    Millions before the hour up
    Every ghetto yute
    Power up !

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