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    With a rapidly growing fan base, fast-rising singjay, Shenseea, said she did not realise the impact of her music until she started going on local tours and seeing the response to her collaboration, Loodi featuring Vybz Kartel and her other hit single Jiggle Jiggle.

    “It’s a really a vibrant kind of thing”, the artiste told OBSERVER ONLINE in a recent interview. “Everybody love Jiggle Jiggle for the girls them of course. It was my first hit single and the Loodi song was my follow up, it was my second song to be released.”

    Watch Shenseea x Vybz Kartel “Loodi” Music Video

    “My fan base mostly I realise is the schoolers,” she revealed adding that teenagers love the lyrics “weh we say waist small than a tin a sardine. All those creativity, it draws them. When I did my school tours I realise that and it was really exciting because I didn’t know it at all.”

    She has so far been on the Suncity Campus Invasion, which was done last year, the Boom Energy drink Tour and now has the ZIP School Tour coming up.

    The 20-year-old artiste disclosed that she had more confidence in Jiggle Jiggle — a song produced by So Unique Records — because at the time, it was the first to be released.

    “When I did my first single which is Jiggle Jiggle, I got a really good feedback from people out in the streets… the selectors love it, the girls love it. The promotional girls love it because you know when you drop that in the dance you know everybody react to it, gyrating and all that.”

    “I didn’t know about the (Loodi) collaboration until about November or end of September actually,” she divulged saying that it was “down the line of course I saw the bigger feedback that I got from the collaboration because you know Kartel have a lot of fans in Jamaica and abroad. I really gained a lot of fan base from that song.”

    The artiste who started out in the music industry with Romeich Entertainment said she does not have a set target audience as she aims to cater to everyone. “When I say everybody, I am talking about the gospel audience, the teenagers, middle age and the roots and reggae side,” she said.

    Shenseea Signs With Romeich Entertainment

    The artiste, who formerly one of Romeich Major’s promotional girls, stressed the importance of using social media to market one’s music. “Social media is promotion and it makes no sense you do music if you’re not going to promote it, how else are people going to hear it. So I think social media really plays a big part in the industry,” she explained.

    She added that she has no favourite musician, but said “once the music is good then me nah go say it no sound good, once it sound good me nah go bias, the music sound good.”

    She made note of Vybz Kartel and Spice saying “Kartel for one is a lyricist and him really creative so I admire him for that and Spice is hardworking, but as I say I have no favourite, I just support good music.”

    Shenseea (given name Chinsea Lee) is a former student of Mona High and Excelsior Community College, where she studied tourism, hospitality and entertainment management.

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