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    ETANA is currently completing a three-month tour of the US which snaked through states such as Arizona, Texas, California, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio.

    “The tour has been amazing. We no longer have any albums to sell physically on the road, as all copies of I Rise are out… they are all sold out. We had great numbers and all the shows were unique due to the locations, vibes and different demographics of the audience,” she said.

    “My most memorable moments were Belmont, California World Music Festival; my dates in Canada… Montreal and Calgary; my show in Atlanta with Beres… It has been a truly amazing summer,” she continued.

    Upcoming shows on the Reggae Forever tour schedule include Martha’s Vineyard Jazz Fest in Massachusetts on September 1; the Three Stones Cafe, Jacksonville on September 2; and the tour will climax at the Elegant Event Center in South Carolina on September 3, where the tour will reach its climax.

    Etana will then take a month-long hiatus to recharge her batteries before heading to the Land of the Rising Sun in October for her two-week Reggae Forever tour with dates in major cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Japan has the second biggest market for music in the world.

    “I always love going to Japan because of the love and appreciation they have for reggae music and the wonderful culture of its marvellous people,” said Etana.

    Last weekend she launched the video for her popular My Man single.

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