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    Jamaican reggae and dancehall artistes D’yani and Jada Kingdom presents the official music video for, “Feelings Remix”.

    Woman you have me inna me!
    Me nuh know
    Me nuh know
    Me nuh know

    Jada verse
    Like u nuh Memba me did warn you bout dah pussy yah
    And me did tell you seh dissa sumn yuh nuh ready fah
    Mi like you tempa you cause diffetent u nuh regular
    Who did tell you seh mi love man weh press trigga
    Look yah baby if me did tell you seh u a me first love
    Would you believe?
    Affi give it to you cause u save me from the streets
    Wah life wud be without u can’t begin
    Fi imagine
    And if u mek me doubt u still me just feel me ago love u same way!
    Lets get married done with the play dates
    Next ten year two and we deh same place!
    Nah sell you out
    This type a love nah exchange
    Respect u to the fullest nah guh mek u feel nuh way!!
    Me heart a urs but u ahredi know dat
    Fight for you like the navy
    Im your likkl soldier
    You give me everyting me want….
    Boy you never hold back!
    Come mek we fall i love again

    Chorus (2x): Both
    Baby, it is obvious enuh
    That I’m love with you, girl
    Hearts been-racing
    I’ve been waiting just to see you

    Verse 2
    All a your ex dem affi exodus
    New captain in charge dem affi ketch di bus
    Mad nuh bloodclaat how me fi let you guh
    Yuh have me mind and me heart and me affi mek you know
    I keep my eyes closed so i can see you in the darkness
    Would you love me still baby
    Third eye open so i can see all the heartless

    (Repeat Chorus 2x)

    Verse 3
    Just to see you boo boo
    I keep my eyes closed
    Just to feel you darling
    I keep my heart vulnerable
    Baby it is unimagineable
    The feelings i feel for you
    Its euphoric
    Feelings cya store it

    I dont know what you
    Really have been through
    But i am excited that i am so in love with you.

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